Artist Statement

My interdisciplinary practice is exploratory and related to contemporary anthropology, through elaborated snapshots of an ongoing inquiry that includes theories, conjectures, reinterpreting signs and experimenting. I am also interested in investigating the limits of representation by depicting elements, fragments, sceneries and composing video installations, in order to readdress the perception towards the network in which we are all interconnected and depending on.

My artworks are often conceptual and appropriative as I gather visuals, imagery and texts from a wide variety of sources and different historical periods to build my own perspective. Besides, they also entail a metaphysical conception of art, a searching into the universe of sublime forms that in my case shift between conjectures, interpretations and representations.

Progressing by hints and deductions is my favored method in creating works that investigate hidden realities and apparently unrelated interconnections. In the process, I try to suspend original significances, leaving meanings in an elusive and migrating temporary condition. Some of my artworks are aimed to engage and catalyze non-judgmental conversation. I try to explore the territories of knowledge, the outlines of subliminal mechanisms, the pathways of communication to reflect on the perceptive dynamic of the contact between the surface and the substance of the real.